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About us?

We design projects, create memorable spaces and experiences for each of our clients.

We are a global company of Chilean origin, specialized in architecture and planning.
We are moved by the vision of a reforested world built in perfect harmony between people and nature. This challenge drives us to build synergies in each of our projects, achieving profitability for our clients, with the commitment to sustainability that the future requires.

We are primarily made up of professionals from the architecture, engineering and construction area.

We have positioned ourselves through the years for a strong work of territorial architecture with a focus on people and their well-being.


Reforesting the world through design goes beyond being our vision, we believe that it is our responsibility as architects to build a better future for all who inhabit the planet.

We are interested in being able to design homes for people, but without damaging everyone’s home; Our planet.


Wherever our projects are located, our designs respect the distinctive cultural, social and architectural traditions of the communities in which we work. At the same time they reflect the characteristics and expectations of our clients , catalyzing positive changes in their environment .

Always projected into the future. We make architecture of the territory.

Principios y Valores

Purpose and Values:

Transparency in our actions, the constant search for continuous improvement, and our unattainable customer orientation move our day to day.
We believe in the beauty of design, in collaborative synergies, and in the immense power of people when working towards a noble goal.

Our team

  • Vicente Donoso R.

    Partner Architect | General Manager

    Architect Austral University of Chile.
    Diploma in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

  • Gonzalo Navarro H.

    Partner Architect | Project director

    UACh Architect

  • Rocío Henríquez R.

    Rocío Henríquez R.

    Partner Architect | Project manager

    UACh Architect

  • Josefina Gallardo H.

    Head of Preliminary Project Area

    UACh Architect

  • Alfonso Becerra D.

    Alfonso Becerra D.

    Senior Design Consultant

    Master of Architecture and Urban Design. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Master of Landscape Architecture. New York University, Syracuse University. Syracuse, New York, USA.

  • Marcia Alves

    Marcia Alves

    Head of Project Area

  • Diego Alamos G.

    Architect | Head of Technical Coordination Are

    UDD Architect

  • Sofía Mezzano A.

    Head of Marketing and Public Relations

    PUC Advertiser

  • Elisa Mingo E.

    Head of Completions Area

    UDD Architect Specialist in interior design, finishes and furniture.