Refugio JLV

YearLocationDesigned surfaceClientDesigner Team
2018 Villa Cerro Castillo, Aysén 65 m2 José Luis WINTERI Arquitectos

The refuge is located 7 kilometers from Villa Cerro Castillo, surrounded by lagoons and with a panoramic view of the imposing mountain. The nature of the place; between cliffs, lagoons and the powerful Cerro Castillo, define the position and shape of the refuge, which is built on top of the site, anchored to the rock.

The project prioritizes the living area as the protagonist of all the spaces, without neglecting the main room. In this way, a central space is left, double height, which through a large window frames the view towards Cerro Castillo. The design is respectful and balanced with the forces of nature; Like the wind, which influenced the affected facade, to leave a continuous envelope with fewer spans.

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