Casa VM

YearLocationDesigned surfaceClientDesigner Team
2017 Llanquihue 156 m2 Victor y Liliana WINTERI Arquitectos

With the aim of adapting to a terrain with a lot of potential for views, the work arises that is located on a hill above a large valley, admiring the volcanoes that surround Lake Llanquihue and the green fields of the region.

The V | M House is projected as two volumes, which overlap in order to perch on the slope of the ravine and adapt to the terrain. The volume of the first level gives priority to the spaciousness and prominence of the landscape, so that an open and double-height space is left, highlighting the view of the valley, lake and volcanoes. On the other hand, the volume of the second level takes a turn, to direct and frame the view of the main room towards the Osorno volcano.

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