Casa ST

YearLocationDesigned surfaceClientDesigner Team
2018 Pucón 160 m2 Erwin y Lorena WINTERI Arquitectos

Volcanic landscapes, lands of lava and stone, where the geometry of the hills seeks the sky, is where the form is born to achieve the poetics of space and replicate the figure on the horizon. The colors and textures of the landscape of Pucón are throughout the house; Stone and wood are the most important strokes that shape the proposal, as well as the territory and the surrounding landscape.

The house is anchored with large stone pillars on a wooded slope. The elongated shape seeks to capture the view of the volcano, where all the living spaces, whether bedrooms or common spaces, are connected to a cantilevered terrace. In the living room, we leave a great double height, so that the windows can capture the volcano in all its splendor.

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