Casa RM

YearLocationDesigned surfaceClientDesigner Team
2018 Matanza 185 m2 Ricardo WINTERI Arquitectos

The house is located between Christmas and Matanza, where the slope of the site manages to deliver a privileged view of the Pacific Ocean.

In order not to interfere with the natural terrain, the house adapts to the slope, managing to hide it from the street. On the first level, the terraces help the house to settle and accommodate the morphology of the terrain. Due to the regulatory requirements of the sector, the house had to think of a limited width, for which all the rooms are functional, privileging the first floor as a large common area, where the only closed rooms are bathroom and loggia. On the second floor, 3 bedrooms are projected, which have a full view of the sea and which is connected through an external bridge to the access facade.

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