Casa HZ

YearLocationDesigned surfaceClientDesigner Team
2017 Pucón 170 m2 Hugo WINTERI Arquitectos

The house is presented as a projection of the slope towards the view of Villarrica lake and the city of Pucón. Within the client's requirements, it is that the house opens onto the land as an amphitheater, without taking the view of the adjoining houses.

A part of the house is anchored to the ground on a framework and structural pillars, while another section is placed on the surface with a reinforced concrete radier. The covers extend upwards, directing the views towards the different points of the terrain. Its exterior facade, proposed with a dark wood shed, in the main bedroom area and the back of the house, and natural wood in the common areas, make the house mix with the vegetation of the area, creating a harmonious space in the sector.

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