Casa DV

YearLocationDesigned surfaceClientDesigner Team
2018 Frutillar 300 m2 Eduardo y Berta WINTERI Arquitectos

The DV House consists of a house located in a rural area near Frutillar. Away from the bustle and summer collapse of the city, the house is located on land where views of volcanoes, lake and surrounding hills predominate.

Due to the architecture that surrounds the area, a gabled volume is projected which preserves the simple lines of the classic southern shed. Due to the internal regulations of the condominium, the maximum height does not allow us to have large windows on the second floor, which is why we choose to use velux, which are the continuation of the windows. For the coverings, a dark micro-corrugated tin is used, respecting the materiality of the sheds in the area, with a more modern touch.

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