Casa CV

YearLocationDesigned surfaceClientDesigner Team
2018 Los Andes 270 m2 Nicole y Christian WINTERI Arquitectos

The CV house was conceived in two simple volumes, which are connected through ribbons that start from the roof going down the terraces and reaching the floor, connecting both volumes and achieving a light and sculptural character.

The project is made up of two levels, leaving common areas, guest bedrooms, gym and living room on the first floor, which connect to the terrace, which ends at one end of the house, between the barbecue area and the pool. On the second level is the en-suite bedroom, where the main requirement was to be able to get from the bedroom to the pool without having to go through the house. That is why a terrace extends from the bedroom, which ends in an external staircase that leads directly to the covered terrace on the first floor and where the rest is used to jump into the pool.

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