Casa CA

YearLocationDesigned surfaceClientDesigner Team
2018 Chicureo 300 m2 Felipe y Virginia WINTERI Arquitectos

Maintaining the original character of the place becomes the main premise of the project. Conserve the soul and morphology, preserve the topography of the terrain and pre-existing vegetation elements. A respectful implementation of the house is proposed directly on the existing land, so that the house coexists and relates spatially and functionally with these elements. To enhance the view and at the same time hide the house, an imaginary line is projected at street level from which the highest part of the project begins, submerging the house and adopting the topography of the land.

By having the main view to the south, a buried patio is created, which moves the house away from the natural slope and allows light to enter the first floor, thus generating two bridges that connect the house with the parking and access pedestrian.

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